SCROOGE the Musical

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So I started rehearsals for SCROOGE the musical with Humphreys School at Theatre under the Stars. I’m pretty excited about it. The show is only about 55 minutes long, but it has a tap-dancing skeleton number so who can complain? I also finished filming that POSSESSIONS movie.

Just wanted to check in.



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So listen internet. A huge change may be coming on soon in my life. I did not post about it on facebook, because a ton of people I know keep up with that. Then I made a vague tweet about it, because I know a few people read my tweets. But I figured I could spill the beans on here because no one reads my blog. I have to post this because after talking to my grandmother (Nana) she told me that I need to:

“Post your thoughts and imagine it happening. Make your life believe it will happen, and see yourself there.”

Now I had heard this once before when auditioning for “13 The Musical” at TuTs from a friend’s grandmother. But hearing it from my own, really triggered something. 

Basically, there is a chance I could be moving with my aunt and cousin to Kona, Hawaii. I would live there for a year, taking a break from school and working. MY manager told me my job (Pier 1 Imports) has a location there and I could get a transfer as well as a pay raise for the higher living conditions there. I didn’t want to say it to anyone because it may NOT happen. But there is a chance it could. So I am posting this here to get it off my chest. 

This could actually happen. And It’s something I REALLY want in my life. I think it would be good for me. So I’m leaving this here as me posting my thoughts and imagine it happening. I’m seeing myself there.

“But Baby it’s Cold Outside”

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Hello all,

Sorry I’ve been away from you guys for so long! I’ve got a ton going on! Between finals, shows, and video projects, I’ve been swamped.

Last weekend we opened our school’s Christmas show “Santa’s Christmas Magic”. It was an interesting experience. The show is in the round and there is hardly any place to move on the stage. During the performance for the middle school children, I came out for my scene and got into my position. Mind you, I am a foot away from the row of children and I have to lay still, because my character has yet to come alive. As I lay there, I hear one girl turn to her friend and tell her to kick me. Sure the hell enough, the girl proceeds to start nudging me and tapping me with her foot. She eventually stopped, but it was annoying as hell. Better be glad my Scarecrow ass didn’t get up and slap her. My character may be made of hay, but my fists aren’t. The run of shows have gone by pretty well so far. Tomorrow we start the second weekend. I’m not too thrilled about it, but I am excited to get on the stage again. That is probably my favorite thing about my school. Aside from the amazing friends I have in the company, I love being able to act every day.

On a different note, I’ve had the thrill of being able to participate in many film shoots. I am editing my buddy Marc’s short film “Love, Probably” which should be completed soon. On top of that, I recently finished doing a quick edit for my friend Shannon on her short film “The Surprise is on You”. I even make a brief cameo appearance towards the end! It’s a short video, and I will post the video at the bottom of this blog entry once it is finished uploading onto my YouTube account. Mind you, these are student films and their first attempts at directing. The production quality may be a bit low on them, but the concepts of them both are cute and interesting and worth taking your time to look at. The third project I am working on is entitled “CDC Chronicles: Episode One”. It is all about what to do in case of a zombie attack. Quite humorous, and very good quality! This film shoot lasted about 10 hours and was ran very professionally. While yes, it was a student directed and produced production, a few veterans in the film industry lent a helping hand to make the shoot an amazing experience. We shot using a very high quality RED camera. All of the footage looks fantastic and I have had a blast editing the film. If it goes online, I will be sure to link you guys to it!

Well that’s about it for me! Finals are next week followed by a mini semester class that I will be taking so I’ll be pretty swamped.

UPDATE: Here’s the short film “The Surprise is on You”

“You’re what you own.”

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Hello all,

 So, for those of you that know, my birthday was on Thanksgiving (11/24). It was an okay birthday. Nothing really special. I did get to hangout with my dad, step-mother, and little brother, so that was fun. I haven’t seen them in over 3 months because of school and what-not. I spent most of my break battling a cold. I really want to rip out my throat right now. Our Christmas show “Santa’s Christmas Magic” opens this week. On top of that, I have a ton of school work I need to finish. Unfortunately for my education, I recently received a copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Yes, it is a video game. Yes, it is consuming every second of my time. I can not get over how flawless this game is. It is great to see such a fantastic open-ended world to explore.

 Just wanted to write up this short little post. I need to stop procrastinating and work on a history paper.


“And 18 People Could Grow Into 525,600 People”

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Hello All,

Lately, I’ve found myself really appreciating life. I feel like ever since I got my CARPE DIEM tattoo, I’ve looked at each day as a new opportunity. The weird thing is, I feel almost invincible. Not physically, of course, but I feel as though I have no reason not to be confident in my future. Each day is a challenge. There are obstacles that are thrown our way by people. The problem is, that we allow all of the little issues to pile up. A good friend of mine once told me “If something I’m mad about won’t be on my mind in 5 years, then why worry about it?” Such great logic.

On to more business. Well. Not really business. The Christmas show is doing well. I was recently given  a bird prop to carry around with me the whole show. I play a Scarecrow. Pause a moment to take that in . . . . . . yeah. I’ve actually found myself enjoying this little prop. I’ve even created a whole back story to how my character in the show met the bird. Quite frankly, It’s hilarious. I even get to do a partner dance at the very end with the bird. Moments like these make me remember why I love acting. You get to find things that may not be in the text, and add them to the character. Little things like this help create a performance that the audience will fall in love with.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about why I chose the title of this blog post. For those of you that don’t know, it’s from the musical “[title of show]”. Basically, this sums up how I feel about me as an artist and performer, and my relations with “fans”. My goal is not to become famous. While, yes, getting a large group of “fans” would be great, it really is not what I’m all about. If I just have a small group of people who keep up with me, and they just so happen to share me off to their friends, then I’ll be happy. I’d rather my “fans” be people who really enjoy what I do, than people who are just kinda “meh”.

That’s really all I have for you today. Here is my latest rant video.

“What you want, is right in front of you, front of you.

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Hello all,

I’m going to be completely honest; I’m writing this blog post as I’m watching the newest episode of GLEE, so I may get distracted. Real quick tangent. DAMIAN MCGINTY IS AMAZING. I have been a big fan of his since watching THE GLEE PROJECT. It is truly an uplifting experience to see someone who’s dream I watched come true, live out his dream on the television in front of me. I’m inspired. It’s moments like these when I look at my life and realize that “what [I] want is right in front of [me].” (That was a LEGALLY BLONDE reference by the way)

Speaking of “what I want”, I really would like to just win a damn game of Super Smash Brothers Brawl! I used to be really good at it back in the day, or so I thought. However, the people here at San Jac are very competitive brawlers.

Meet Irene, or as I like to call her, public enemy number one. Just look at that face. So much focus, so much dedication. This young woman has become one of my biggest threats. Well, as far as threats go with video games. I felt like my frustration with her was so intense, it deserved a spot on my blog. So if you’re ever playing an intense game of Brawl online against a PK thundering Ness, think of her and attack with all of your might. Show no mercy. This is, the Anti-Ness movement. UNITE.

On to more recent news. Halloween sucked this year. I find it quite interesting how my favorite holiday totally blew chunks. Not once did I watch a scary movie. Not once did I even THINK about going trick-or-treating. Is this what my life has come to? Is this Halloween experience a microcosmic example of what is to come? Of course not, that’s absurd. This is one of those moments where I remember to not let the little things bug me and just to embrace the good in each day. After all, that is what my new tattoo is all about. (Carpe Diem)

I have nothing left to say for today. If you are reading this, you have either skimmed the page, or actually read through this entire blog post. For that, I say “tomato”. Why? Well, you can answer that on your own.

Anyone have some left over Candy Corn I can have?

“Hey. Hey. I’ve missed you these days. I thought you might call.”

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Hello All,

Blogging is something I find very interesting. It is not necessarily the act of blogging that interests me, so much as how one interacts with their own blog. I personally love to read them. I find myself browsing my friends blogs and reading various others I find on the internet. However, I never find myself keeping up with my own blog. I’m an active person on the internet, I just do not find myself having the “time” to blog. Does that make sense? It shouldn’t. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I never know what to blog about. I keep up with my Tumblr pages and actively post on Twitter, but I never post on one of the social networking tools that I am most fond of (my blog).

People always tell me that a blog is about whatever you want it to be. So a personal blog about me shouldn’t be so hard to keep up with. Then why don’t I post more? Why do I not take the 15 minutes out of my day to write up what’s on my mind. Is it that I know no one is reading it? Is it that I feel like I must censor my self to show some sort of professionalism? Well fuck that! I go to people’s blogs to learn more about them Sure I can clean up my language a tad to allow for a wide range of audiences to view my posts. But I should be allowed to write about whatever I want. It’s my blog, so I sure as hell will!

When I originally created this blog, I subtitled it “his journey to broadway”. I felt as though everything I wrote had to be related to theatre in some way. In a sense, most of what I have to talk about is theatre related. However I can talk about much more than that. So I will. Consider this my way of saying that it’s time for a change. Time for me to get more opinions out there and just talk about my life. This is the documentation of my “journey to broadway” and all of the shit along the way.

To catch you up to speed, ANNIE went off okay I guess. I personally do not like the show ANNIE. Something about a little girl who searches for her parents, gets taken in by a billionaire, whines about having to leave his place for her “parents” then ultimately getting to live with a billionaire while her friends are stuck in an orphanage, bugs me. I don’t know. Never liked it, probably never will. Right after that show ended, I was able to play a small role in an original play called WHAT’S PAST IS PROLOGUE. It was a comedy about the conspiracy theory of Shakespeare actually being the poet Marlowe. We entered the show into the American College Theatre Festival. What a blast that was! I got to see a bunch of cool shows and meet a lot of amazing people. One of my favorite memories thus far.

Now, I am doing the Christmas show, SANTA’S CHRISTMAS MAGIC. Not going to lie, at the initial thought of doing this show, I wanted to vomit. But as we rehearse, I find myself loving the cute, christmas spirit of the show. More so, I am excited for CLOCKWORK ORANGE to start next semester. It’s still a ways away, but hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.

That’s really it so far. I actually need to get off of the computer because I am about to be late to acting class. We are doing a duet scene from SPRING AWAKENING. Should be quite…. fun? Well, I’ll write to you soon.

There will be light,

“The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow”

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Hello All,

Sorry for not keeping up with this. I just don’t really find much time to blog. (Which is funny, because I have plenty of time) As I stated in my last post, I was cast in the TUTS production of “VOTE!” Unfortunately, due to school conflicts, I had to drop out of the show. I did get a chance to go and sit in on one of the rehearsals and I’ll tell you, those are some talented kids! Everyone there has an amazing voice and just kicks butt at the choreography. I’m very proud of all of the VOTE! kids and wish them nothing but the best!

This Friday I move from my home, into my Grandpa’s house. School will start August 29th. I’m pretty excited actually. Our musical is “Annie” and our big play of the year is “Clockwork Orange”. Very different styles, but both should be a lot of fun. Especially Clockwork! All of the company members I have met so far are all very unique. In a good way! I love the new friends I have been making. It’s amazing how much life can change. A new school, new friends, new city. The future holds an endless amount of opportunities, and I can’t wait to explore them!

Lego Universe is my new favorite online MMO

“Everyone Has a Dream”

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Hello all,

I’ve been really bad about posting on this blog since the beginning. I guess that just kinda happens with time… Well… a lot has happened since I’ve last posted!



It’s been an exciting, long, and tedious journey but I’ve finally made it. Honestly, I’m looking forward to what the world has in store for me! I’m going to be attending a community college and aiming for an associates degree. But you never know where life will take you!

And on that note… I auditioned for a new musical at Theatre Under the Stars called “VOTE! A New Musical” and I found out yesterday I was cast! Not sure who I play yet, because I have a callback tomorrow for the villain character named Mark. Regardless, a ton of amazing people are in the cast and I look forward to being apart of it!

Remember the Tommy Tune Finale thing I was in? Yeah well you can view the performance below. See if you can spot me!

Without Flaming Hot Cheetos with lime, my brain would not be able to function.


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